Aries Industries

Aries Industries

Contract Information

Cooperative NameSourcewell
Contract NamePipeline Video Inspection/Rehabilitation Equipment
Contract Number120721-ARS
Contract Term01/13/2022 - 01/17/2026
CategoriesPublic Works
Public Works: Sewer Cleaning
Roads & Airports
Roads & Airports: Sewer Cleaning


Sourcewell contract 120721-ARS gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Sewer inspection cameras
  • Sewer inspection tractors
  • Sewer inspection systems
  • Robotic cutting system
  • CCTV sewer inspection vehicles
  • Sewer rehabilitation vehicles
  • Grout system truck
  • Mainline inspection system
  • Lateral inspection system
  • Sewer inspection software
  • Water well inspection system
  • Lateral inspection camera

Pricing and How to Order