Deep Trekker

Deep Trekker

Contract Information

Cooperative NameSourcewell
Contract NameUnmanned vehicle systems
Contract Number011223-DTK
Contract Term03/27/2023 - 03/24/2027
CategoriesConstruction Equipment
Facilities (MRO)
Grounds & Ag
Office & Technology
Parks, Recreation & Athletics
Public Safety
Public Works
Roads & Airports


Sourcewell contract 011223-DTK gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Underwater drones
  • Remotely-operated vehicles
  • Robotic inspection vehicles
  • Pipe cameras
  • Pipe crawlers
  • Sewer cameras
  • CCTV tractors
  • Unmanned ground vehicles
  • Underwater cameras
  • Drownings search & recovery
  • Water tank cleaning robots
  • Remote control submarines