Contract Information

Cooperative NameSourcewell
Contract NamePublic safety
Contract Number080922-WWG
Contract Term10/26/2022 - 10/07/2026
CategoriesFacilities (MRO)
Facilities (MRO): Building Security
Facilities (MRO): Document Shredding
Facilities (MRO): Facility Management
Facilities (MRO): Flooring
Facilities (MRO): Furniture
Facilities (MRO): Generators Lights & Compressors
Facilities (MRO): HVAC
Facilities (MRO): Janitorial
Facilities (MRO): Paint & Wall Coverings
Facilities (MRO): Pest Control
Facilities (MRO): Shipping
Facilities (MRO): Storage & Lockers
Facilities (MRO): Uniforms & Apparel
Fleet & Related
Fleet & Related: Forklifts & Material Handling
Fleet & Related: Waste & Recycling
Food: Kitchen & Food Service
Grounds & Ag
Grounds & Ag: Snow & Ice
Health & Science
Health & Science: Medical Supplies
Health & Science: Science & Lab
Office & Technology
Office & Technology: Building Security
Office & Technology: Furniture
Office & Technology: Janitorial
Office & Technology: Office Supplies
Office & Technology: Storage
Public Safety
Public Safety: Ambulance
Public Safety: Digital Speed Signs
Public Safety: Emergency Response
Public Safety: Fire Apparatus
Public Safety: Police
Public Safety: Supplies
Public Works
Public Works: Asphalt & Paving
Public Works: Electric Vehicle Equipment
Public Works: Forklifts & Material Handling
Public Works: General Lights & Compressors
Public Works: Public Utility Equipment
Public Works: Sewer Cleaning
Public Works: Snow & Ice
Public Works: Street Cleaning
Public Works: Waste & Recycling
Roads & Airports
Roads & Airports: Airport
Roads & Airports: Asphalt & Paving
Roads & Airports: Paint & Markings
Roads & Airports: Parking Management
Roads & Airports: Snow & Ice
Roads & Airports: Street Cleaning
Roads & Airports: Underground & Pipeline


Sourcewell contract 080922-WWG gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Broad line of public safety offerings
  • Corrections & police line cards
  • Fire & EMS gear & equipment
  • Emergency products & solutions
  • Top 200 item hot list pricing
  • Pre-paid & standard shipping
  • After-hours emergency service
  • Member incentive programs
  • Inventory management available
  • Custom kitting capabilities
  • Fee-based services included
  • Local branch support

Pricing and How to Order

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Contract 080922-WWG - Price Information

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