USA Shade - PlayPower, Inc.

USA Shade - PlayPower, Inc.

Contract Information

Cooperative NameSourcewell
Contract NameDesign/Build Fabric Shade Structure Manufacturer
Contract Number010521-LTS-6
Contract Term02/15/2021 - 02/17/2025
CategoriesParks, Recreation & Athletics
Parks, Recreation & Athletics: Playgrounds & Parks


Sourcewell contract 010521-LTS-6 gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Commercial shade structure designs
  • Shade for parks, schools, & more
  • Durable HDPE shade fabric structures
  • High-strength fabric shade
  • Hassle-free permanent shade
  • Long-lasting commercial shade
  • Shade protection
  • Shade for UV & heat protection

Pricing and How to Order

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Contract 010521-LTS-6 - Price Information